As a leading beauty expert in Australia, I have always believed in the power of sharing my knowledge and experiences with those who are looking to transform and enhance their beauty and cellular wellness. Over the past 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to launch global beauty brands, host a successful podcast, run a digital magazine and content hub, publish a book, as well as launch a series of courses that have helped people on their journey of transformation.

However, I have always felt that there was something missing in the way I communicated with my audience and followers. While social media has allowed me to connect on a more personal level, I have found that it can also be a somewhat superficial and curated viewpoint. Digital publishing, including podcasts, lack the ability to connect with readers and audiences one on one. Apart from responding to DM’s and comments, the information is shared as a broadcast, not a conversation.

That is why I am excited to announce BE.Ageless on Sunroom, a revolutionary new platform that allows creators and experts like myself to connect with their audience in a more meaningful and authentic way via membership content and direct access. With Sunroom, I can finally provide my followers with exclusive and unfiltered video content that they won’t find anywhere else, together with access to me via custom experiences including coaching.

While my previous work has certainly been informative and useful, I always felt that there was a limit to how deep and unfiltered I could go on a public forum. Sunroom changes that by offering an intimate and supportive space where I can speak openly and frankly. The real me. All of it.

I know that my followers, women 35+ , are seeking frank advice, real talk and expertise without filters and an overlay of sponsored messaging. They want to connect with someone who has been there and done that, has genuine passion for beauty and wellness and someone who is not afraid to share their real personal experiences and opinions. Sunroom allows me to do just that, and I am thrilled to be able to connect with my podcast listeners, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers in a more authentic and personal way.

One of the reasons why I chose Sunroom over other platforms is because of its unique approach to content creation and monetisation. Unlike other platforms that rely on ads or sponsorships, Sunroom offers a membership model that allows creators to monetise their content directly. This means that I can focus on creating content that truly resonates with my audience, rather than worrying about commercial considerations.

In addition, Sunroom’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive space for creators and their followers was a major factor in my decision to join the platform. As someone who has always advocated for a more honest and open conversation around topics like cosmetic surgery, aesthetic procedures, cellular wellness, hormonal health and new beauty, I believe that membership and consulting services provide the perfect platform for me to do just that.

I will be sharing exclusive and expanded personal experiences and advice on products, taboo topics, procedures and wellness practices I have tried and tested,  without fear of judgment or backlash. I can finally provide my members with the unfiltered and authentic content that they have been asking for.

Last month, after 15 years, I made the final transition of RESCU to to better reflect the platform I have created to educate, entertain and support those who seek to live their very best, healthiest and longest lives. I am excited to now add Sunroom membership as part of this evolution and growth. 

Membership to BE Ageless is $15 per month on Sunroom and Custom Experiences range from a 5 minute voice recording in response to a question, to one on one coaching and consulting services.

Read the current issue of our digital magazine below:

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