Fight the key signs of hair ageing in just one use.

The Coco & Eve Youth Revive  Pro­ Youth Hair Mask nourishes and rebalances the scalp for healthy, hydrated and resilient hair.

Hair is noticeably softer, supple and stronger, with less breakage and a youthful-looking bounce. It has an intense base formulation that is much richer, with higher levels of avocado and coconut oils that leave no residue.

Coco & Eve’s Youth Revive hair care range also includes Pro Youth Shampoo and Pro Youth Conditioner.

The products utilise  powerful skincare ingredients to supercharge haircare and fight against the effects of ageing hair.

Backed by clinical research, this innovative range has been designed to nourish, strengthen, and transform your hair like never before. 


  1. PRO-VITALI-B™ Honey Blend – a sustainable sourced honey blend that is combined with prebiotics, probiotics and retinol to fortify the scalp, reduce the signs of aging and combat hair fall, promoting healthier, stronger, and shinier hair
  2. Retinol
  3. Prebiotics/Probiotics
  4. Coconut Oil 

Benefits of Honey for Scalp & Hair

  1. Clean Scalp & Anti Dandruff: Honey consists of antibacterial properties that help to clean your scalp and alleviate scalp conditions such as dandruff and itchiness
  2. Strengthens for healthy hair growth: Filled with probiotics and antioxidants, honey is one of the best anti-ageing remedies. It repairs the damaged collagen and tightens the skin to help fortify the hair follicles
  3. Protects against UV damage: Rich in antioxidants, honey helps to neutralise the radicals damage on the scalp and hair triggered by UV rays.

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