Melbourne-based brand Frank Body made its mark on the beauty industry when it launched in 2013 with its Original Coffee Scrub.

Founded by five friends –  Jess Hatzis, Bree Johnson, Erika Geraerts, Steve Rowley and Alexander Boffa – with a starting capital of $5,000, the brand used social media marketing to promote the brand, with girls showing off their coffee scrub selfies all over Instagram.

Today, the brand launches its Everyday by Frank Body range with four brand new product ranges: Clearing, Hydrating, Brightening and Nourishing.

The products are made with 50 per cent recycled plastic and will be e available online at Frank Body’s website and exclusively online and in stores at Priceline.

Each of the four ranges has its own colour and fragrance.

Speaking exclusively with Retail Beauty, Bree Johnson said the brand partnered with Priceline “for so many reasons”.

“Firstly accessibility – we know our customer is busy so being able to pop into any one of the 400 Priceline doors get her script filled, buy her other essentials and grab her new Everyday products is perfect,” she said.

“We’ve also seen that pharmacy is having a moment lately and know that our beauty focused customers are looking to Priceline for their skincare and beauty needs at a more affordable price point.”

Bree said the range would appeal to a new, younger customer, specifically with the Clearing range, for targeting breakouts or Hydrating for the hyaluronic acid, as well as the original Frank Body consumer who loved the original coffee scrub.

She said the secret to the brand’s ongoing success – in 2021 the brand sold a stake to Chinese private equity firm EverYi Capital in a deal valuing it at about $100 million – came down to  being customer focused.

“It’s a blessing and a curse that the founders are always looking ahead and thinking how can we be better,” she said. “And listening and understanding our customers. Everyday by Frank Body is a great example of that – every product is based on data from our customers telling us what they want – from the ingredients to the products themselves.”

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