Heinemann Australia has announced its rebranding to Heinemann Oceania. This change reflects the company’s strategic expansion within the Oceania region, including a forthcoming venture into the New Zealand market, over a decade since it first set foot in the area.

Under the leadership of George Tsoukalas, who transitions from Managing Director of Heinemann Australia to the same role at Heinemann Oceania, the company is poised to enhance its operations across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific. The Sydney-based headquarters will now oversee a more unified regional strategy, focusing on leveraging the intrinsic synergies across these markets. Heinemann Oceania continues to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Heinemann Asia Pacific, broadening its scope to include the entire Oceania region.

The rebranding comes at a time when travel connections within Oceania are stronger than ever, with significant cultural and trade ties knitting the region closely together. In 2022, Australian residents alone made nearly 20 per cent of their overseas trips to New Zealand and Fiji, highlighting the area’s interconnectedness. Heinemann leverages this familiarity as it aims to enhance the travel retail experience, having already established a solid foundation with its Australian and soon, New Zealand operations.

Marvin von Plato, CEO of Heinemann Asia Pacific, commented on the rebrand, noting, “This is not just a change of name but a stride towards realising greater potential in the Asia Pacific. Our established market leadership in Sydney and the Gold Coast positions us ideally to capitalise on emerging opportunities throughout Oceania.”

The announcement also highlighted Heinemann’s imminent entry into New Zealand, scheduled for 2024 with the opening of luxury fashion and accessory outlets at Auckland Airport. This expansion builds on a robust portfolio that began in Sydney Airport in 2013 and has since grown to include significant concessions and retail innovations in both Sydney and Gold Coast airports, aimed at continually captivating travellers.

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