Ella Baché opens its flagship concession on the new 1st floor beauty floor of David Jones Elizabeth Street.

Pippa Hallas, CEO Ella Baché is thrilled with the latest manifestation of her Great Aunt’s, third generation beauty company.

Pippa tells esprit: “We are excited to introduce the new Ella Baché Concept in David Jones Elizabeth Street. When we briefed Morris Co Design (Sydney-based designers) on our vision, we wanted to mix the best of both worlds; a contemporary, yet functional layout and integrated displays which allows our customer to travel along their beauty journey. We want the experience to be seamless, where they can learn about their individual skin with a new advanced diagnostic machine, through a personalised solution developed with the knowledge and expertise of the Skin Therapists and backed by generations for scientific evidence.”

The new concession at David Jones sees the Ella Baché experience brought to life with the latest skincare products on display which allows everyone to test and trial the best of what the brand has to offer.

“Customers then can step into the luxe and private treatment rooms overlooking Hyde Park for all their beauty and skin treatment needs.  The new concept is designed to offer customers leading edge skin treatments, driven by innovation and technology, such as Micro, LED, IPL within the Department Store environment. The design was intended as a visual extension of the Ella Baché brand, highlighting the established nature of the brand by the usage of rich finishes like polished natural stone, plastered paint and refined details.

“The design showcases high end premium finishes, with the use of grey polished natural stone, midnight blue plastered paint and refined finishes. The design incorporates the functional aspects of the beauty journey skin diagnosis, treatments and products and presents them in a premium custom designed display,” says Hallas.

The opening also marks an important milestone, celebrating 65 years of Ella Bache at David Jones – a long standing relationship that was started by its Australian founder, Edith Hallas, cousin to Madame Baché.

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