For over a century, Weleda has crafted exquisite fragrances using 100 per cent natural essential oils and plant extracts, and the Limited Edition Aroma Shower Happiness is no exception.

With its uplifting and invigorating notes reminiscent of a sunlit summer day, this blend of refreshing grapefruit and lime harmonises beautifully with the sweet essence of mandarin.

Experience a wave of happiness and an elevated sense of well-being with the vibrant citrus vibes of summer.

Designed to infuse any shower routine with a burst of summery delight, this invigorating shower gel sets the stage for a cheerful and refreshing start to the day.

This gentle yet revitalising shower gel awakens the senses, offering precious moments of joy.

As a valuable addition to Weleda’s renowned Aroma Shower collection, each product in this range elevates shower time into a luxurious ritual for body and mind.

Weleda believes that nurturing beautiful skin begins in the shower.

Its body washes are meticulously formulated with precious ingredients of natural origin, enveloping the skin in a pampering embrace.

The mild plant-based surfactants, such as sugar surfactants and wash-active amino acids, gently cleanse while respecting the skin’s natural balance.

Sourced from renewable raw materials, these surfactants embody the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The refreshing Aroma Shower Happiness not only invigorates the senses but also nourishes the skin, leaving it supple and hydrated.

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