African black soap has gained some popularity in recent years due to its reported benefits for the skin, reports Medical News Today.

Traditionally, African black soap comes from West Africa is an all-natural product made using plants that give the soap its dark colour.

Recently Hollywood A-list celebrities like Zendaya and Makeup Artist and TikTok sensation Mikayla Nogueira have shared their skincare routines on social media, sparking the now viral #africanblacksoap challenge.

SheaMoisture Australia, distributed by Chemcorp International, has seen the trend with online sales increasing 90% over the past week alone.

The range includes the African Black Soap Face Bar, African Black Soap Premium Large Bar Soap and African Black Soap Facial Wipes.

A family-run brand with a heritage of serving those who have been most underserved in beauty, SheaMoisture  was founded in 1912 by Sofi Tucker in Sierra Leone.

A widowed mother at 19, she used from recipes from her ancestors which have now been handed down, tested, and proven for over four generations.

Made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, the African Black Soap is a powerful healing agent perfect for anyone struggling with problematic skin and acne.

This age-old family black soap recipe uses only natural and certified organic ingredients to create the all-natural remedy, rich in vitamins A and E.

SheaMoisture pioneers fair trade through community commerce in Africa and abroad, and gives back 10% of sales to women-led businesses, supporting those who supply the brand with their produce and women in the community through the Sofi Tucker Foundation.

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