Rebalance the scalp for longer, thicker, more lustrous hair. Dermalume Revitalising Booster PreWash Scalp Oil provides nourishment to the roots to soothe the scalp, balance natural oils and stimulate healthy hair growth. 

Formulated with 14 active plant and seed oils, this restorative pre-wash hair oil helps to calm scalp irritation and discomfort providing the optimal environment to promote longer, stronger, healthier hair. 

Its silky, lightweight texture easily reaches the scalp and roots, where it can deliver antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients to stimulate the scalp, soothe irritation and dryness, curb excess oil production and protect hair from signs of ageing.

Its woody and delicately sweet scent refreshes hair and lends aromatherapic benefits for an uplifting showering experience. Ylang ylang helps to inspire positivity, cedarwood oil instills a feeling of grounding, and lavender oil promotes relaxation.

Revitalising Booster is suitable for all hair types. It is nourishing and hydrating for coarse, dry or brittle strands, it reduces excess sebum in oily hair, and it calms and soothes sensitive scalps.    


Dermalume Revitalising Booster helps to protect hair from premature signs of ageing such as weak, thinning and brittle strands. Cedarwood Oil simulates the scalp helping to ease dryness and flakes while working to regulate excess sebum. Scalp wellness is restored to promote healthy hair growth and increased hair shine and strength. Nourishing natural oils moisturise dry strands to prevent breakage. The calming scent of Ylang Ylang helps to inspire relaxation and ease feelings of stress. 


The multi-benefit oil works to soothe itchy, dry and irritated scalps while normalising and balancing excess sebum. The scalp environment is refreshed and reset, and discomfort is eased. With regular use, Dermalume Revitalising Booster promotes healthy hair growth for thicker, fuller shinier hair. Strand texture and appearance is improved, resulting in more manageable lengths. 

How to use

Before showering, brush dry hair to untangle strands and loosen dirt and build-up. Dispense five to eight drops into palm. Warm product between fingertips and massage thoroughly into scalp. Leave to absorb for 15 minutes. Follow by cleansing with your preferred shampoo. Use morning or night, three to four times per week. 

Mix 3-5 drops of Revitalising Booster into your preferred shampoo to soothe the scalp and add extra nourishment to lengths.  

Mix 3-5 drops of Revitalising Booster into a hair mask to double-up on moisture and scalp health. 

To revive dry, splitting or damaged ends, warm 3-5 drops between fingertips and smooth through ends of hair. 

Carefully crafted with sustainability in mind, the Dermalume Revitalising Booster outer packaging can be reused for other purposes. Upcycle your box into a seedling planter, a storage organiser for skincare and trinkets, or repurpose it into children’s toy bricks.  

Hero ingredients

Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil: Rich in oleic acids, proteins and glycerides, which are essential to keeping hair healthy, shiny and hydrated.  Cedarwood Oil: Stimulates the scalp and increases circulation to help reduce dry or flaky scalp and brittle hair.  Ylang Ylang Oil: A nourishing essential oil, Ylang Ylang helps to keep the scalp hydrated and normalises oil production. 

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